Sirikot News

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2 Responses to Sirikot News

  1. engr. mahmood shah says:

    me mahmood shah , from bugnian-goowalian lives in karachi….. feel gr8 pleasure to seee u ppl working on these websites to share viewz n history of the nation … keep the track continue and do let me knw if u need any kind of assistance from me … congrats once more n looooong live

  2. Atif Shah Mashwani says:

    my name is Atif Shah Mashwani. i live in district haripur. i am very much intrested in collecting history about mashwani tribes. many people ask me that why you add shah while writing your name so that is the question which i can not answer because i have no knowledge about my tribe. good to see that the efforts are being taken. thanks

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